Logo Design for a Blogging Platform

QuickBlog is the easiest, most flexible blog platform for busy, non-techy professionals. The name QuickBlog is not hipster-cool, but the founders are aiming the product at the busy, non-techy professionals who want to set up a great looking, professional blog and maintain complete control over the blog look, design, and functionality.

Client: QuickBlog
Date: 2018-02-08
Services: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Identity

Project Goal

Clean, modern, and minimal new look.

QuickBlog was still testing the waters with their beta versions. The idea and target market have already been validated. Therefore, they were looking for a clean, modern, and minimal design that instantly conveys the product. We managed to solve the problem and created a minimal and modern mark that illustrates letter Q, chat bubble, and lightning bolt – which instantly convey QuickBlog. The mark is memorable and can withstand the time as well as position QuickBlog as a serious business in the upcoming launch.

Design Process

After reviewing the design brief and doing the initial research, we came up with a list of keywords. These keywords were inspired by brand values as well as the meaning behind the name. They served as an inspiration for the whole design process, especially the logo.

We sketched 50+ ideas and presented only the 4 most iconic ones. The proposed solutions illustrate one or more of the following – a chat bubble or pen and paper (blogging), lightning bolt (quick), letter Q for “QuickBlog”.


“We reviewed numerous popular design platforms prior to working with Jovan and his team. What impressed me is that he really wanted to get to know our product and business prior to designing our identity. The process from there on was seamless. We couldn't be happier with the overall experience and the end result.”

Paul Zanetti
Paul Zanetti CEO of Quickblog