Brand Identity Design for Canada's #1 Gaming Event

EGLX is a celebration of all things gaming. What started out as a small get-together has grown into Canada’s largest video game event.

Client: Enthusiast Live Gaming Expo
Services: Logo Design, Brand Identity Design

Project Goal

Refresh the outdated look.

Being Canada’s #1 gaming event EGLX felt like their brand identity was slightly outdated. They weren’t satisfied with their current logo and the arrangement of the letters. Some people read the logo ELGX instead of EGLX. They were looking for a new, more modern logo that can withstand the time.

Design Process

After reviewing the design brief and doing the initial research, we come up with a list of keywords. These keywords are inspired by brand values as well as the meaning behind the name. They serve as an inspiration for the whole design process, especially the logo.

We sketched 80+ concepts and decided to present only a few that really stood out. The guys at EGLX immediately liked the solution that resembles “gamers uniting”. We also created a Brand Style Guide and rest of the identity materials.